Intel’s Core 5 CPUs – AMD Killers?

It’s worth reading Intel’s Core 5 Analyzed and Tested article from Maximum PC to scope out what’s coming down the CPU pike.

I’ve built systems using both AMD and Intel CPUs, as I’m sure many of our readers have done also. However when it comes down to the best bang for the buck, AMD lately arguably has come up short. I came across this article and its take on how AMD compares is worth reading:

“It’s bad news for AMD’s recently released quad-core. Its best and brightest could never compete with the Core i7-920 in performance, but it certainly outgunned it in price. Now with Intel’s LGA1156 Lynnfields here, it can’t even compete on price.”

The fact remains that Intel continues to accelerate its lead for value and easy overclocking at reasonable cost. In my view, AMD continues to be outgunned by Intel in the near term and with Intel’s resources increasing, making a serious dent in Intel’s overwhelming market share looks like a bridge too far. AMD will continue its role in keeping Intel honest, but some might say it’s done this very well, so well that Intel comes out the winner at AMD’s expense.

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