End of Life date set for X58

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Intel users had a great run with this platform, and frankly there is still plenty of life left in it performance wise. But as grains of sand in the hour glass of time fall, all good things must come to an end. Intel has officially released its retirement date for the venerable X58 enthusiast class platform in 2012, specifically April 27th 2012 for orders. Intel will ship them as late as October 5th 2012.

(Picture Courtesy of Xbit Labs)
(Picture Courtesy of Xbit Labs)


I have to admit this brings a small tear to my eye. My first LN2 session was on this platform with an i7 920 and the Gigabyte X58- UD3P, arguably the best bang-for-your-buck motherboard of its time.  Modern Intel processors just dont seem to scale with the cold as much, and have been ‘dumbed down’ to some extent. Even so, Sandy Bridge is a tremendous performer even if the greenest of greenhorns can overclock to 5 GHz in ten minutes.

Filling the enthusiast-class gap will of course be the aforementioned Sandy Bridge-E (SB-E), an X79 based platform. Hopefully SB-E will fill that void missing in the extreme cooling overclockers heart (along with bclk overclocking please!!!). With that, adios X58. It’s been real, it’s been fun, and it was real fun. Now, lets see the X79 based platforms please!

Source: TCMagazine.com


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