T Should Be For Tejas . . .

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The Inquirer has an article about some of the requirements for socket 775.

The most obvious item of note is the need for a new power supply. Two 12 volt rails will be needed.

Another item is talk about an adjustable air funnel. Maybe you’ll need a new case to go along with that power supply (or, if not mechanically challenged, at least a new hole in the old one).

A less obvious item is that we may see socket T motherboards sooner than we thought, and that the first socket T mobos may not meet Tejas requirements.

The article talks about socket T Prescotts “to be available . . . during more or less the whole of 2004,” which is certainly news to us (though there’s been some recent mumbles about this).

It then goes on to say that mobos that meet “Tejas FMB1” standards won’t be available until around the middle of the year, with Tejas itself not showing up until the end of 2004.

I’ve pretty much written off Prescott as a must have on the Intel side, and have been looking at Tejas as the next serious Intel upgrade. That doesn’t mean you or I may not end up buying a Prescott to go along with a socket T system, but Tejas compatibility for an early socket T system is a must-have. No point in buying a mobo that will only last you nine months.

I wouldn’t be in any terrible rush to move to socket T. Both PCI Express video and DDR2 memory will probably cost more for at least the first few months, and Tejas will probably support faster DDR2 than early mobos will support.

All this should be kept in mind should socket T pop up in a few months.



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