Watercool A Laptop??

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I received this email from Ashar:

I’ve been reading the articles on Overclockers.com for some time now and it’s given me some great tips on how to keep systems cool. However I’m rather curious to find out how to mod a laptop so that you can use waterblocks to cool the internal components. You might think this is rather easy and simply – use the theory behind a desktop water cooler, but here is where things take a turn.

I am interested in trying to keep the laptop “portable”, which means that the laptop must be light and also be able to run off a normal laptop battery.

That is to say, I would like to replace the fans inside the laptop with
waterblocks but while still retaining the same or similar degree of

I hope this project doesn’t inconvenience you in anyway, and wish you all the luck in coming out with a solution.

Your Sincerely – Brimful

Well, this is a challenge! I KNOW there is a LOT of talent out there hungering for a test, so let’s throw this to our readers. I’ll award the best solution a $50 prize. If you have a working prototype – even better!


Let the games begin!

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