Zalman ZM-MC1 Multi-Connector

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A nifty power adapter for fans – Joe

SUMMARY: A nifty power adapter for fans.


The good guys at The Heatsink Factory sent a sample of a nifty power plug, the Zalman ZM-MC1 Multi-Connector.

What’s I like about this little plug is that in addition to the usual converter from a 12 volt four pin plug to a 12 volt Molex plug, this one includes a 5 volt Molex plug as well. I usually run 12 volt fans at 5 volts (low noise), and in the past wound up hard wiring 12 volts leads onto 5 volt lines to do this.

With this adapter, you can just plug a 12 volt fan into the 5 volts lines and you’re off and running. If you’re buying some stuff from Heatsink Factory, get some of these for your kitbag – they’ll come in handy.

Thanks again to The Heatsink Factory for sending this our way.

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