Blizzard Water Cooling System

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7/4/00-Update: We were contacted by the makers of this system (Overclocker’s Hideout) and were told that:

  1. Rick is being sent additional instructions.
  2. The hold down will be made longer for socket systems per Rick’s observations
  3. Clamps are normally included with the package, but were accidentally omitted in Rick’s kit.
  4. There is on-line help available at the Overclocker’s Hideout website.
  5. You can use the toll-free number provided at the site to ask questions.
  6. Instructions will be included as soon as possible in future shipped packages.

    I just got the Blizzard water cooling system from Overclockers Hideout.

    The quality of the system was very good but there was not one piece of instructions.

    I realize most people that overclock may not need them, but with all the various parts there should be some. When you just order just a Peltier kit from Leufkens, you get a whole page of instructions and warnings.

    I will also say the hoses that come with the kit fit extremely loosely. I couldn’t imagine using them without clamps. The clamp that holds the block to the cpu is so wide that the block has to sit at an angle because it interferes with the hose connectors.

    It will definitely not work with the Powerleap adapter as the brackets are too short, though they never claimed it would.

    For $160.00, I think you should get a little more professional kit, not just a bunch of parts dumped in a box. You could do much better just buying the water block from them and scavenging the other parts yourself, probably for around half the price.

    My opinion is this is a good company that is feeling some growing pains and will eventually provide a more complete product. That’s just my opinion.

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