HWBOT rev4.2 Released!

If anyone on the benchmarking team hasn’t heard yet the staff over at Hwbot.org has been working diligently on the release of rev4.2 for the site last in the month or so and the fruits of their labor are finally here! Meet HWBOT rev4.2!

Some major feature additions/improvements :

The Hardware Compare tool. You can again compare any Videocard or Processor including SLI, Crossfire, and Multi-socket for any benchmark using the ‘massive HWBOT database which is based on 600.000 benchmark scores in the past 6 years’. Below are some screenshots of the some of the changes made (All pictures in the article Courtesy of HWBOT.org).

Screenshot Courtesy of HWBOT.org

Another great improvement is the Hardware Library feature. The Hardware Library feature has been available since the first release of HWBOT R4, but lacked the most interesting and useful features. There is a more clear view of all the hardware you used at HWBOT, but now you can add notes, view notes, add pictures, and link your results to the right hardware. You can now add batch information to keep track of the various results with various hardware samples. In addition they have added PSU’s and HDD’s to that list as well.

And last but not least, HWBOT has introduced a Storage benchmark in AS-SSD. This isn’t worth boints yet as they are still testing. But one can now begin submitting results for this benchmark. Personally, I’m not really sure about this addition as, to my knowledge, you cant really tweak a HDD/SSD outside of RAID arrays (stripe sizes, and adding more drives, subsystems?), but that could be my ignorance on the subject shining brightly through as well. Oh well, that certainly wont stop me from making a submission to it.


The changes in rev4.2 do not end there. Here is a direct link to the HWBOT’s own article on the release where you can see a bit more detail on the changes made as well as the release notes. Now, Benching Team, get back to benching, we have some teams to take over!!!


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WTB Sig generator!

But yeah, I'm glad that it is still getting worked on and that the hardware compare tool is pretty much full-fledged now!

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Thanks Joe, I've been so busy I missed that all together.

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