Six Weeks To Get Out of the Gate

AMD’s large window for TBred introduction indicates some juggling going on. — Ed

The Inquirer says it got a look at a document indicating that a Thoroughbred 2200+ will be introduced between, mid-May and the end of June.

Sheesh, the Triple Crown takes less time than that.

Is anybody else also thinking AMD is running things by the seat of their pants? We know there’s sample 2200+ Palominos floating around. There’s hardly any point introducing that if you have TBreds ready to run. So I presume they don’t, or at least not enough of them.

Keep in mind that AMD doesn’t have the luxury of a bunch of fabs like Intel, where they can pull a whole fab or two or so and tell me, “OK, go make ______.” Right now, Dresden has to produce the production chips while at the same time changing processes. That means a lot of juggling.

What is probably happening is that either AMD can’t ramp up TBred production quite as fast as they might otherwise like and/or they’re not quite getting the speed/yield combination they’d like to have, but they’re not too far away from it. If things go right, we’ll see it earlier. If not, later.

In the future, the deal with UMC will probably give AMD more flexibility in handling such matters. The Inquirer article also indicated that Clawhammer may be pushed up a bit, and that is probably adding to the production headaches.

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