Alphacool Launches NexXxoS ST25 Full Copper Radiators

Today, Alphacool announced the launch of its ST25 full copper line of radiators. Measuring only 25.5mm thick, they are sure to come in handy for those who prefer smaller cases due to the thin profile. The ST25 will be available in 120mm, 240mm, and 360mm. Here is the official press release.

Alphacool presents the NexXxoS ST25 radiator series. The 25.5 mm thin radiators are particularly suitable for compact cases that offer little space for water cooling. These radiators have been used for a long time for the Eisbaer LT AIO  CPU water cooler and offer all the advantages of the popular NexXxoS radiators. Alphacool uses only copper for all water baring parts of these radiators. The only exception are the connection threads, which are made of brass, as copper would be too soft for this.One of the well-known features of NexXxoS radiators is the screw protection. This is to prevent the fan screws from being screwed in too far, which could damage the radiator. All radiators offer two G1/4″ ports . The matching screws for mounting the fans and the radiator are of course included in the delivery.The radiators are available immediately at and will also be available soon from all resellers.

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Alphacool ST25 Specifications (All Radiators)
Material cooling finscopper
Material chamberscopper
Material cooling channelscopper
Material outer housingstainless steel
Threads2 x G1/4″


Sizes and MSRP
NexXxoS ST25 120 mm151 x 120 x 25,5 mm31,99 € ($37.67USD)
NexXxoS ST25 240 mm272 x 120 x 25,5 mm39,47 € ($46.47USD)
NexXxoS ST25 360 mm363 x 120 x 25,5 mm58,49 € ($68.87USD)

Links to the data sheets downloads: (Note: these are in German)

NexXxoS ST25 120 mm:

NexXxoS ST25 240 mm:

NexXxoS ST25 360 mm:


-John Nester (Blaylock)

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Good for SFFPC's. I'll stick to my fat rads otherwise.

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Agreed. There does seem to be several cases with only 50mm clearance at the top though. These are ideal candidates in those scenarios.

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