PCWizard - The Tell-All Utility

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PCWizard is one of the most versatile system utilities I have come across – system read-outs and benchmarking in a small package.

It’s been around since 1996 and is frequently updated – if you’ve used CPUID, this nifty utility is from the same folks. I could list all the data available from this program, but basically almost everything on your PC will show up with this utility – including your passwords! It’s also available in nine languages. Data and be saved, printed out, etc, and it also interacts with Motherboard Monitor – lots of goodies lurking around.


The opening screen shows available Hardware reporting:





System Files…






And benchmarking – you can also list out Overclocking data under Tools…



This is for a non-overclocked laptop, so not much to see here:



The Options Tab gives users lots of flexibility:


I did a RAM Benchmark to try out its functionality – note that you can do Benchmark Comparisons::



Straight readout from the RAM Benchmark:



And these are some of the comparisons available:



Users do have options for securing data such as this, SiSandra being notable, but for a small resident utility on your PC, this is one handy piece of gear; give it a try!







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