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CPU Scaling with 5970

This is a very different type of review than what you normally read. The main purpose of this review is to show that you don’t need the best CPU in order to have the highest FPS in games. This is a very true test for showing AMD vs. Intel in the gaming benchmarks. Now will this be true with all platforms? Probably not. Although, this does show show a baseline of what you could presume with other GPUs.

Consistently the i7 shows less than a 1% increase from 2.0ghz to 4.0ghz, except for CoH and CoD. With the Phenom II X4, it showed little gain to a large gain in performance when coming up from 2.0ghz to 4.0ghz. In five out of the nine games tested, the Phenom II beat the i7. This further proves the point that even the $1000 CPU can be out classed by a $300 CPU. Albeit this same test will probably show different results for different CPUs. The Core2 Duos would probably show 1% increase on each step for overclocking. The Athlon II may show a 3% change.

So what is it that creates the highest FPS in games? Is it the technology in the CPU itself? Does it really show that the i7 is not as good with games as a Phenom II? This question is left with you, the readers.

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If you really REALLY want the I7 to blow the socks off every other CPU when it comes to gaming, You got to disable the hyperthreading. As it stands, the vast majority games are designed to use anywhere from 1-4 cores. With hyperthreading enabled, games are only using 50% (or less) of the I7's total power.

Hyperthreading is designed to enhance multi-threaded applications and/or multiple applications. Games are a single application that (currently) do not have enough threads to make hyperthreading worthwhile...

so you can see that the phenom easily wins because it has a 50% advantage over the i7. But disable hyperthreading and the i7 is going to pull ahead alot more often (if it dosn't completely sweep the floor in all the benchmarks).

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