Alphacool Announces ES Flow Sensor, Thermal Paste, and More

Alphacool ES Flow Sensor
Alphacool ES Flow Sensor

Today, Alphacool announced the ES flow and temperature sensor, Rise thermal paste, and Alphatube HF clear tubing. The ES flow and temperature sensor is extremely compact to fit anywhere along your cooling loop. The Rise thermal paste has a heat transfer rating of 6W/mK and is non-conductive. Alphacool also now offers its Alphatube HF PVC tubing in ultra-clear as an accompaniment to its current options. These products are all readily available at Alphacool’s press release below lists all the specs including prices.

Alphacool today presents the ES “HighFlow” flow and temperature indicator, the Rise 6W/mK thermal grease and the AlphaTube HF 19/13 Ultra Clear hose


With the ES “HighFlow” flow and temperature sensor, the Rise 6W/mk thermal compound and the AlphaTube HF 19/13 Ultra Clear hose, Alphacool today presents three new products in the Alphacool range that no water cooling loop should be without.

One sensor, two functions! The Alphacool ES “HighFlow” is a combination of flow and temperature sensor, which can be integrated at any position in the water circuit due to its very compact design. Due to the use of acetal, the sensor is extremely light at only 45g.

Alphacool’s Rise 6W/mK thermal paste is clearly one of the favourites when performance and easy application is required. The thermal paste is electrically non-conductive and very well suited for high contact pressures. Thanks to its consistency, even the smallest height differences between the components to be cooled are compensated for and the heat generated can be dissipated better.

There is a large selection of different versions of AlphaTube HF tubing. This makes it easy to find the tube that best suits your taste. With the AlphaTube HF 19/13 in Ultra Clear, another variant is now available.

ES Flow Sensor
ES Flow Sensor

Alphacool ES flow and temperature indicator “HighFlow” with RPM-Signal

Technical data

L x W x H

58 x 25 x 25 mm




2x G1/4″ inner thread (for max. 5mm thread length)

Cable length hall sensor

420 mm

Cable length temperature sensor

435 mm


30,99 € / $36.56

RISE Thermal grease
RISE Thermal grease

Alphacool Rise Thermal grease 6W/mK 4g

Technical data



Thermal Conductivity



7,98 € / $9.41

AlphaTube HF
AlphaTube HF

Alphacool AlphaTube HF 19/13 Ultra Clear 3m

Technical data


3 m

Tube size

Ø-outside 19 mm / Ø-inside 13 mm



Hardness grade

65-70 A-Shore

Working temperature

-10 – 80°C

Working pressure

2 bar


18,29 € / $21.57



-John Nester (Blaylock)

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So 2pin NTC 10 kOhm thermistor that plugs into modern mobo temp sensor, that looks great. Flow sensor/rpm looks like plugs into fan/pump header on mobo and has datasheet to convert rpm to lph, found data sheet here:

I never used pump header yet on mobo, but wonder if you plugged it into newer mobo pump header if it would convert rpm into lph/gpm that would be software readable, ie with hwinfo64, many already use that program. Something that would definitely get me to buy it.

I cant stand the temp/flow sensors with leds that always lose brightness to point of unreadable, not to mention not visible unless looking into case. But definitely like the simpler concept as I cant stand the bloatware of aquero etc.

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I believe that is exactly how it works. Many motherboard BIOSs allow a second cpu fan header to be toggled to a water pump option instead. This should read the rpm of the pump or of the flow meter which operates in the same manner (albeit with a little math to convert rpm to lpm/gpm).

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